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Welcome to Adaptive Aquatics of Georgia! We are Georgia’s premier Adaptive Swim Program in South Forsyth County designed specifically for children, teens, and adults with disabilities. Did you know that drowning is a leading cause of death for children with Autism and other disabilities? Why is this statistic so high? Children are naturally drawn to the water, especially those with Autism, Down Syndrome, and other sensory processing disorders, but many children and parents underestimate the risk of an accident occurring. This is why Adaptive Aquatics of Georgia was born; to provide students with special needs and their parents with the knowledge and skills to safely enjoy the water.

Adaptive Aquatics of Georgia can help develop your student’s swimming skills from learning to independently swim with their face in the water to pre-competitive stroke instruction. We offer a learn to swim survival program, private one-on-one lessons, semi-private classes, and adapted group classes for children, teens, and adults with special needs. Whatever the age or swimming level, Adaptive Aquatics of Georgia can help your student succeed in the water.

Aside from our first mission of learning to independently survive in the water, learning to swim brings so many other added benefits:

  • increased muscle tone
  • increased strength and coordination
  • improved motor planning
  • improved self-regulation
  • decrease in hyperactivity
  • improved focus
  • increase in independence
  • increase in confidence and self-esteem
  • improved social and communication skills

We invite you to discover the difference with Adaptive Aquatics of Georgia and give your student the gift of a lifetime of swimming!

We have open enrollment year round, so contact us today!

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11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Joe and JJ Grimes

    WE would Love to be able for our daughter to have swimming lessons at the Aquatic Center in Cumming. It’s only 10 minutes from our house and would be so convenient! Please Greg, allow This to happen for us and other children that this would benefit in the Cumming area.
    Thank you
    Joe and JJ Grimes

  2. Kathleen Van Uum

    My daughter has Down syndrome, Autism and a leg injury. She has always loved to swim. In the water she is able to interact with her peers, improve her muscle tone and strength and have fun! Adaptive aquatics has been able to help her to learn to swim more independently. She still requires assistance but with the help of Adaptive aquatics I believe over time she will be able to swim on her own. It is my hope that the city of Cumming aquatic center will embrace our children and provide a stable place for them to learn to swim. Our children are part of the community and there is no other program quite as unique as Adaptive aquatics in the area. Please consider allowing our children to use the Cumming aquatic center! My younger daughter swims on Chattahoochee Gold and there are many other people who use the facility, please allow Adaptive aquatics to use the pool as well!
    Kathleen Van Uum ( Cumming resident )

  3. Shelly Markham

    We would absolutely love to see adapted aquatics at the Cumming aquatic center. We have a daughter with down syndrome who does not have language skills. She also has sensory issues and many autistic like behaviors. However allison did really well on her assessment with the ladies at adaptive aquatics. We are so excited to start with them. They are booked up right now through summer but we would be super excited to have her taught in the fall. Being at the Cumming aquatic center would be such a delight. I am a member of the down syndrome Facebook page for the north metro area of Atlanta which has nearly 200 members and I know dozens of families that would be interested in taking lessons here!

  4. Lisa Stuckey

    I think that the Aquatics Center of Cumming should definitely offer Adaptive Aquatics of GA the opportunity to provide swim lessons for special needs children. It is very difficult to find locations with qualified teachers for differently abled children. Kristie Snape is a very capable instructor & truly has a heart for our children. My son is on the Autism spectrum & very quickly felt at ease with her. She has been able to help him make dramatic progress in his swimming skills. Please consider including Adapive Aquatics at your location in order to give children with disabilities the chance to learn & master this important survival skill.

  5. Cris Fisher

    Before our 10-year-old ASD son completed the survival program at Adaptive Aquatics, he was uncomfortable in the water, sank like a rock, and even had trouble in the bathtub. Despite trying two other programs at professional swimming schools, he was unable to swim. Living on the lake complicated by the tendency for ASD kids to wander, and even drown, we were concerned about water safety. Swimming is a life skill. For these kids it also provides innumerable benefits in improving motor skills, motor planning, strength, coordination, and contributes to their quality of life. The aquatic center is the best local resource for continuing swimming opportunities and fitness for our special needs children. Please heartfully consider use of this facility to improve water and child safety for our awesome kids.

  6. Jagruti patel

    Hi, my son has autism and loves water.we would like him to learn survival skill for his own safety and fitness also.please allow adaptive aquatic to use cumming pool.we are cumming resident.this will allow my son to continue his swim session and other kids too.please consider our kids needs sincerely and heartfully.mr.and mrs.patel

  7. Christina Fishback

    We would love for the beautiful facility in Cumming to offer adaptive aquatics the ability to work with their students at the center. Our daughter, McKenzie was so scared to even go in the water the first time we brought her to Kristie and by the end of just a few weeks she was flying into the deep end of the pool and all she wanted to do was “swim with Miss Kristie”. For a little background: we found Kristie through a special needs organization that we are heavily involved in which is FOCUS *families of children under stress*. Our daughter had extreme complications from being born 16 weeks early weighing in at one pound, she has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus (treated with a brain shunt) and extreme developmental delay and some social aversions to children her own age as she becomes intimidated due to her inability to do a lot of the things that they can do. But as she has gotten older and we have access to a pool in our s/d we knew that we had to get her properly trained for both her confidence level and her safety. We had already tried swimming lessons with the general public offerings through parks and recreation but that didn’t meet her needs because of her delays and sensitives, in addition we wasted hundreds of dollars on that program that failed to help her learn to swim. Someone had posted on Focus’s FB site about Kristie and her love for working with the special needs children so we gave it another shot hoping it would work out and within just a few short lessons McKenzie was kicking and swimming and diving in to the point where we were able to put her on a special needs swim team this past fall because she could meet the requirements of swimming on length of the pool unassisted. I can’t tell you how happy that has made us, or how proud. However, she has started to slip back into some of her old bad habits of not wanting to be around the pool again and not floating like she should so having a new pool facility to train in would be a huge blessing for kids like McKenzie! Please keep this in mind with your considerations!!

  8. Deanna

    My son has been taking swimming lessons with Kristy for a few months and is doing amazing! We had tried swimming lessons before and were unsuccessful! My son loves water and enjoys swimming at the lake with his life jacket on but was unable to swim with out an assistance device until he started working with Kristy. We enjoy going to the Cumming aquatic center and it would be wonderful to have Erik’s swim lessons at the aquatics center! It would benefit all the children who have a special needs in this county and are working with Kristy to be at such a nice facility, close to their homes, & at a place that they are familiar with.

  9. Dana Russell

    We are involved currently with Adaptive Swimming and would be thrilled if it could continue in Cumming at the Aquatic Center. We are moving to Cumming in the Polo Club area and the Aquatic Center would be a perfect place for this much needed program. Our children with special needs are important and need this opportunity to have this specialized training of safety. We desire to be accepted into the community with open arms for our precious children. Please allow us the opportunity to use the community pool for Adaptive Swimming lessons to save our children.
    Thank you,
    Dana Russell
    404 309-9753


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