Policies and Procedures

  1. Safety: NEVER consider a child water safe or drown proofed! All students should be carefully supervised when in or around water no matter how much training they have received.
  2. Pool Rules: Parents, students, and siblings must follow all posted pool rules when in and around the pool area. Please keep all siblings securely seated next to you while on the pool deck.
  3. Before/After Lesson: Students are not allowed to play in the pool before or after their lessons as this poses a safety concern with no lifeguard on duty. Additionally, students playing in the pool without an instructor can distract from the current student’s lesson, so it is a courtesy for the student currently receiving instruction as well.
  4. Swim Diapers: All students aged 4 years and younger are required to wear two snug fitting swim diapers in the water at all times. The outer diaper must be a snug fitting non-disposable diaper, and the inner diaper can be either an additional non-disposable diaper OR a reusable swim diaper. The inner diaper must be completely covered by the outer non-disposable swim diaper as an extra barrier of protection. If your child is over the age of 4 and not toilet trained or still has accidents from time to time, they must follow the same diaper guidelines. If you think there is ANY possibility of your child having an accident, please put swim diapers on them. This is critically important as a pool must be shut down for 24 hours and treated if fecal matter gets in the pool. Depending on the facility your student is swimming in, a fee may be required if an accident happens and the proper precautions (i.e. Proper swim diaper procedures as stated above) were not taken.
  5. Cancellation Policy: All private and semi-private classes have a designated Make-Up Day pre-scheduled toward the end of each session. After you are enrolled and know that you must miss a lesson, contact schedule@adaptedswim.com to schedule your make-up lesson on your instructor’s designated Make-Up Day. If you are unable to attend your instructor’s Make-Up Day, and you email us at schedule@adaptedswim.com, we will do our best to reschedule a different time during the session; however, make-ups are not guaranteed. There is no Make-Up Day for group classes. If you miss a group class, you can email schedule @adaptedswim.com to see if there is availability to join another group class of the same type for a make-up. All make-ups expire at the end of a session and do not carry over. We do our best to pre-schedule instructor absences for each session, but in the event that your instructor needs to be absent for a class after the session is underway, we will do our best to have a substitute Neverland-qualified instructor fill in. If a substitute is not an option, we will credit your account for the class. 
  6. Unenrollment Policy: If for any reason you need to unenroll in a class, please contact schedule@adaptedswim.com ASAP. Please be sure to read all emails and enrollment class descriptions carefully before enrolling. Any enrollment that occurs less then 48 hours before the start of the first class will incur a 5% cancellation fee that will be deducted from the refund value.  Any unenrollment that occurs after the session has begun will be charged the per class date rate of any class dates that were already held in addition to the 5% cancellation fee. The per class date rate is $50 for a private lesson and $35 for a group lesson. 
  7. Eating Guidelines: The best practice for young children is to have no fruits, vegetables, or protein 3-4 hours before swimming and no carbohydrates 2 hours before swimming. All new students must follow these guidelines until we have decided it is no longer necessary. These guidelines are in place for students who drink a lot of pool water and/or swallow a lot of air during the initial phases of learning to swim and control their breathing. If food is in the stomach and they are also swallowing a lot of air or water, it can come up as vomit. If someone vomits in the pool, the pool will need to be closed for cleaning.
  8. Parent Participation: Parents are not required to participate in lessons. Parents are welcome to watch their student’s lesson as long as it does not become a distraction. You may be asked to leave your student’s line of vision at times if this is the case. If a parent leaves the pool area, they must be back to retrieve their student from the water 5 minutes before the lesson ends. Parents are welcome to take videos or pictures during lessons as long as it doesn’t become a distraction. Most students love to watch themselves on video, so this can be a big reward for them! Please check with your instructor prior to recording.
  9. Payment Policies: Effective July 30, 2022- ALL clients are required to have an up-to-date credit card or bank account number on file with Neverland Aquatics. We do not accept cash or checks at the pool for payment. 
  10. For clients paying privately for lessons: Payment is due in full at the time of enrollment.  For clients with an excess of credit on their account, payment is due in full at the time of enrollment via your credit card on file. Upon successful enrollment, email your paid receipt to billings@adaptedswim.com, and we will refund your card and apply your credit to your account. This practice supports fair and equal enrollment for all of our families. 
  11. Clients using funding to pay for lessons: Payment is due in full at the time of enrollment. This practice supports fair and equal enrollment for all of our families. To use your funding to be reimbursed for lessons, see the individualized instructions below based on your funding organization.  Avita: We are an approved vendor with Avita, but we are no longer accepting direct payment from them. To have reimbursed payments sent directly to you, please reach out to Avita for their reimbursement procedures. Bobby Dodd and InCommunity: Neverland will continue to submit these invoices for payment if these procedures are followed: Parent must email billings@ adaptedswim.com for the paid receipt each time they enroll in a session and notify us which funding organization they are requesting an invoice be sent to (Bobby Dodd or InCommunity). Once we receive this email, we will submit the invoice to the funding organization for payment on your behalf. When Neverland receives payment from the organization, we will refund your card on file and apply your funding payment to your account. Acumen (NOW/COMP Waivers), Easter Seals, and others: Neverland will continue to accept payment from these groups if these procedures are followed: Parents desiring Neverland to receive payments from these organization MUST submit these invoices to their funding organization for payment themselves. Neverland will not submit the invoices for you. Parents must email billings@adaptedswim.com their paid receipt EACH time they enroll in a session and to request an invoice for parents to submit funding. Some organizations may reimburse parents directly via their own reimbursement program. Ask your funding organization if this is a preferred option for you. Once we receive your paid receipt email requesting a funding invoice, we will send you an invoice in the correct format for you to submit to your organization. When Neverland receives payment from your funding organization, we will refund your card on file and apply your funding payment to your account. PLEASE NOTE: By electronically signing this form you understand that in the event that the funding organization will not make payment for services for any reason, you are responsible for payment in full on these services and authorize NEVERLAND Aquatics, LLC to charge your credit card or bank account on file for all unpaid services and/or outstanding balances. 

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