Policies and Procedures

  1. NEVER consider a child water safe or drown proofed! All students should be carefully supervised when in or around water no matter how much training they have received.
  2. Families should arrive at the pool allowing ample time for their student to change and be ready to start his or her lesson on time.
  3. All lessons will start and end on time. If you are late, your lesson will be cut short.
  4. No refunds will be given for parent canceled or missed classes for any reason. We understand that kids get sick and last minute things come up so we will do our best to schedule a make-up class pending availability. Make-up availability, however, is not guaranteed. If you have a last minute absence, please call or text your instructor directly. You can schedule an absence and will not be charged if you know about it in advance. All scheduled absences must be entered in the “Schedule an Absence” form on the website by the 15th of the month prior to the absence. To be more efficient, this is the only way we will accept scheduled absences going forward. Classes canceled by Adaptive Aquatics due to weather, pool accidents, etc… will be credited to your child’s account if a make-up session is not available.
  5. Full month’s payment is due on or before your student’s first lesson of the month. Your student will not be able to participate in lessons until payment is received.
  6. A 30-day cancellation notice is required before discontinuing classes. If you do not intend to return for any reason we need to know a full month in advance so we can plan for your student’s open slot.
  7. Eating guidelines: best practice is no fruits, vegetables, or protein 3-4 hours before swimming and no carbohydrates 2 hours before swimming. All new students must follow these guidelines until we have decided it is no longer necessary. These guidelines are in place for students who drink a lot of pool water and/or swallow a lot of air in the initial phases of learning to swim and hold their breath. If food is in the stomach and they are also swallowing a lot of air or water, it can come up as vomit. Swimming is also an active sport and it isn’t a good idea to eat just before participating in any active sports. If you have questions about what and when your student should be eating please ask your instructor.
  8. While waiting for your lessons to begin, please keep your student safely sitting next to you. Students are not allowed to play in the pool before or after their lessons as this poses a safety concern with no life guard on duty. Additionally, students playing in the pool without an instructor can distract from the current student’s lesson, so it is a courtesy for the student currently receiving instruction as well.
  9. Parents, students, and siblings much follow all posted pool rules when in and around the pool area.
  10. Please keep all siblings securely seated next to you while on the pool deck.
  11. Photos and videos are frequently taken and used for marketing and promotional material, video modeling for other students, as well as on social media. If you do not want your student to participate in photos or videotapes, note this on the registration form and notify your instructor.
  12. All students aged 4 years and younger are required to wear two snug fitting swim diapers in the water at all times. The outer diaper must be a snug fitting non-disposable diaper, and the inner diaper can be either another non-disposable diaper OR a reusable swim diaper. The inner diaper must be completely covered by the outer non-disposable swim diaper as an extra barrier of protection. If your child is over the age of 4 and not toilet trained or still has accidents from time to time, they must follow the same diaper guidelines. If you think there is ANY possibility of your child having an accident, please put swim diapers on them. This is critically important as a pool must be shut down for 24 hours and treated if fecal matter gets in the pool. Depending on the facility your student is swimming in, a fee may be required if an accident happens and the proper precautions (i.e. Proper swim diaper procedures as stated above) were not taken.
  13. Please note on your registration form any medical conditions. A doctor release may be required before participation in the program.
  14. Parents are welcome to watch their student’s lesson as long as it does not become a distraction. You may be asked to leave your student’s line of vision at times if this is the case. If a parent leaves the pool area, they must be back to retrieve their student from the water 5 minutes before the lesson ends.
  15. Parents are welcome to take videos or pictures during lessons as long as it doesn’t become a distraction. Most students love to watch themselves on video, so this can be a big reward for them.

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