What Makes Us Different?

Every child learns differently and at their own pace. Neverland Adaptive Aquatics is very aware of this and is prepared to teach children with all types of learning modalities and disabilities. So what makes us different?

  • We are innovators in the swimming community by taking our experience working with children with special needs in the school setting and creating an educated approach to swim instruction. You won’t find any other program out there like us.
  • Our instructors are highly educated, trained, and professional. All of us are connected to individuals with disabilities in some capacity and have a passion for helping this population prosper and succeed. All staff are WSI and Adaptive Aquatics trained form our owner, Kristie Snape.
  • We are experienced in adapting instruction to meet the needs of a variety of students using cutting edge, research based strategies. Some strategies we use include
    • Visual teaching materials
    • Functional Routines
    • Sign Language
    • Multi-sensory teaching
    • Video modeling
    • Social Stories
    • Discrete Trial Training
    • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • We offer Private, Semi-Private, Small Group, and Inclusive Group Options to meet the needs of our wide range of students.

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