Social Stories

Adaptive Aquatics families who are preparing for the start of lessons can view the Social Stories below with their student to gain a better understanding of what each lesson will look like. There is a different social story for each of our locations. Make sure you choose the story that matches the pool you and your student will attend.

For students with autism, anxieties, or fears, embarking on a new activity can be a huge source of stress. Social Stories can often relieve this stress and anxiety of the unknown by providing some insight as to what will happen while they are participating. Some students will want to view this story again and again to help them prepare for their new activity. Please do! Allowing your student to view this story multiple times a day prior to the start of lessons, will likely result in a much more successful start. Please provide us with any feedback you may have. We love to hear from our families! We look forward to swimming with you soon!

Cumming Aquatic Center Social Story:

SeaVentures Social Story:

Dive Educators Social Story:

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