Aquatots Survival: Swim-Float-Swim

Age 6mo.-3yrs. private 15 minute lessons 3X’s per week

Our Aquatots Survival program is led by instructors trained to work with the smallest of our swimmers using sensory motor and behavior shaping teaching methods. All classes are one-on-one for 15 minutes 2-3 times per week. The main focus of these lessons is for the child to learn how to float and swim to safety independently. It is remarkable what a small child can do in the water when given the proper instruction. Once the child can pass our survival test, they can move into a small group class to maintain and progress their skills. Traditional Red Cross Learn-to-Swim methods are seamlessly integrated into their current Swim-Float-Swim skill set in these group settings.

Skills Covered: Breath Control, independently swim with face in the water, roll onto their back to breath, proper floating position, productive kicking, rotation, independence in the pool, swimming fully clothed, recover into floating position in a variety of situations, climb out of the pool independently, open eyes under water, water safety. A fully clothed test simulating a real aquatic accident can also featured in this program.

Aquatots Classes: Maintenance and Transition to Traditional Swim Lessons

Age 6mo.-3yrs. parent assisted group class

This class is for our graduates of the Survival Swim-Float-Swim Program. These students will maintain their newly acquired Swim-Float-Swim skills while gaining new skills and comfort in the water. Because these are our youngest swimmers, we have parents participate with their children to ensure the upmost safety and productivity in the class. Through participation in our Aquatots class, students will transition seamlessly into our Traditional Red Cross Learn-To-Swim Classes when they are physically and cognitively ready.

Skills covered: Bubbles, streamline arms, alternating arm and leg action, jumping in pool, retrieving submerged objects, opening eyes under water, entering the water

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